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So you finally have that dream website! It’s all glossy and works like a charm… but no one can find it! This can be a common problem. The world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be complicated and expensive. In general, SEO now refers to any method which helps your website rank higher and get found faster online. There are many different way to approach SEO. Some methods include paid advertising campaigns, while others focus on in-page keyword research. Some will focus on link building while others believe “content is king” and focus on website content, blog posts, and social media posts. We believe there is no one right answer, but being educated on the various methods and trying to implement as many as possible given your time and budget commitments may the the best solution.


Keep in mind that anyone who tells you “I can get you #1 on Google” may not be telling the full truth. There’s no such thing as a true number 1 anymore, as all search results are based off of a huge number of unique (and always changing) factors ranging from your specific browser and browser history to internet service provider to GPS location to the spelling of the search phrase. Someone searching for “pizza” in Calgary, Alberta, on will get dramatically different results than someone searching “pizza” in Toronto, Ontario. Same search term, same website, very different results. Even two people in the same neighbourhood searching the exact same keywords might get very different results. If one of them has searched that term often, then Google knows what they have clicked on before and will bump that result to the top, believing that they are looking for that specific website. This is why searching for your own company can skew how you see your own website’s actual results.


We believe that regardless of the methods used, a solid SEO foundation built into a properly developed, responsive-designed website with great content is the way to start. Our base package is a one-time fee with no ongoing costs, unlike many of the SEO firms out there which charge large fees monthly while mostly just printing you reports after month 1. We can help guide you in the right direction and educate you on some of the next steps to upping your SEO game.


More information about our SEO packages coming soon.

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