Media Kits

Logo usage and best practices

A media kit is a document containing information about your business, product or event. We prefer to discuss a media kit as a PDF containing a company’s logo and branding scheme, along with usage rules, spacing, colors, and best practices.


Often, media kits are thought to only be needed for larger organizations. However, we feel that a media kit definitely steps up the level or professionalism for small businesses. They are also fantastic tools for non-profit organizations and other businesses which need to share their logo or partner with various other companies. Handing over a media kit to a partner organization will tell their marketing team exactly where to use your company logo, and how it should be displayed.  Media kits are also often used as a PR tool, given to media/journalist organizations.


If you have a professional logo and brand, go to the next level and let us develop a media kit for your company.


More information about our media kit packages coming soon.

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